Finance, Administration and Facilities

Budgets, accounts and daily book-keeping. Administration of personnel in the areas of collective agreements, salaries and contracts. Maintenance of grounds and buildings, IT operations and support, reception, booking, shop, café, ticket sales and security.

Claus Christiansen

Head of Finance, Administration and Facilities
T: +45 46 300 271
M: +45 4054 5179
E: cc(at)


Communication, marketing and sales

Rikke Johansen

Team leader for communication, marketing and sale, BA
T: +45 46 300 287
E: rj(at)


Ivan Jakobsen

Communication, marketing & sales
TV & film rights, The Sea Stallion secretariat
T: +45 46 300 261
E: ij(at)

Trine Harvøe Kristensen

B2B sales manager 
T: +45 46 300 262
E: thk(at)

 Anne Sabine Stubbe Østergaard

Communication Assistant
E: sao(at)

Allan Kristoffersen

Archives and Library
E: alk(at)


Annette Jensen

T: +45 46 300 244
E: anj(at)


Jeanne Marcussen

T: +45 46 300 273
E: jm(at)


Susanne Horney

Team leader for bookkeeping
T: +45 46 300 275
E: sh(at)


Pia Kirk-Andersen

Accounts Assistant
Bookeeping, billing etc.
T: +45 46 300 294


Bettina Pedersen

Accounting assistant
Statistics and billing, etc.
T: +45 46 300 295
M: bp(at)


Morten Egelund

T: +45 46 300 210
E: mef(at)



Martin Kjær Andersen

Teamleader, facilities
Museum artisan


Ivan Conrad Hansen

Museum Artisan and Sailing Instructor 

Lisbeth Andersen

Service coordinator
T: +45 46 300 230
M: +45 51 20 38 81

Shop team

Hanne Horsbøll

Shop manager
Museum shop and café
T: +45 46 300 226
E: hh(at)


Inga Andersen

Ticket sales and Museum Shop

Hanne Bjørlig

Ticket sales and Museum Shop

Marie-Ange Teglbjærg

Ticket sales and museum shop

Jette Kjærgaard Kølle

Ticket sales and museum shop

Janne Nielsen

Ticket sales and museum shop

Thit J. Holm

Ticket sales and Museum shop

Anders Andersen

Ticket sales and museum shop

Kirsten Lundberg

Ticket sales and Museum shop

Line Holen Møller

Ticket sales and Museum shop

Helle Hansen


Sidsel J. K. Holm

Public activities and education 

Café Knarr

Frederik Nielsen 

Café Knarr 

Jan O. Andersson

Café Knarr 

Peter Mejdahl

Café Knarr 

Sandra Friis Felby

Café Knarr 

Selina Friis Felby

Café Knarr 

Maria Kallehave Nielsen 

Café Knarr 

Trine Skov Madsen

Café Knarr 

Maria Brun

Café Knarr