Department of Maritime Archaeology, Research and Exhibitions

The department consists of three teams. The Maritime Archaeology team manages and investigates the cultural heritage of the Danish territorial waters east of Great Belt. In addition, this team runs the national maritime archaeological archives, Det Marine Arkiv.

The Research team works with the museum’s research projects and collaborates internationally with universities, teaching students and advising PhD-stipendiates. The Research team takes also care of the museum’s publication and library services.

The Exhibitions team plans and designs all exhibitions and special arrangements. The museum’s photographer and graphic designer as well as the picture library and the museum archives are connected to the Exhibitions team.

Anne Christina Sørensen

Head of Maritime Archaeology, Research and Exhibitions
T: +45 46 300 292
E: as(at)

Maritime Archaeology team

Morten Johansen

Team Coordinator
Maritime Archaeology team
Maritime archaeology
T: +45 46 300 282
E: mj(at)


Mikkel Haugstrup Thomsen

Curator, cand.mag.
Maritime Archaeology team
Maritime archaeology
T: +45 46 300 291
E: mht(at)


Flemming Rosenvind Rieck

Curator, cand.phil
Maritime Archaeology team
Maritime archaeology 
M: +45 30 45 50 52
E: frr(a)

Hanne Marie Myrhøj

Curator, cand.mag
Maritime Archaeology team
Maritime archaeology
T: +45 46 30 02 88
E: hmm(a)

Klara Fiedler

Cand.mag., Maritime Archaeology
T: +45 46 300 289
M: +45 51 20 45 32
E: kf(at)

Andreas Grundtvig Binder

Cand.mag., Maritime Archaeology
T: +45 51 20 01 20
E: agb(at)

Research team

Morten Ravn

Curator, PhD
Research coordinator
Head of publications, Library and Maritime archives    
T: +45 51 20 21 17
E: mr(at)

Allan Kristoffersen

Archives and Library
E: alk(at)

Exhibitions team

Louise Kæmpe Henriksen

Curator, cand.mag.
Exhibitions team
T: +45 46 300 211
E: lkh(at)

Werner Karrasch

Exhibitions team
Photo and video
T: +45 46 300 290
E: wk(at)


Tríona Sørensen

Curator, ph.d.
Exhibitions team
T: +45 46 300 207
E: trs(at)

Clara Skov Mølgaard

Intern from RUC
Communication and performancedesign