Evening sailings on Roskilde Fjord

Sail into the sunset in a traditional Nordic boat

Enjoy the beautiful, red light from the summer sunset over Roskilde Fjord up close, and learn more about the sailing technique used by the Vikings. The traditional Nordic boats are clinker-built, like the rest of the Viking Ship Museums boats, which is a tradition that goes all the way back to the Viking age.
This is how the Vikings built their own boats, and therefore the museum has replicated this style, as well as the materials used for building the boats. During the evening sailing on Roskilde Fjord, the sailing instructor will tell you more about working and sailing reconstructed Viking Ships.

Furthermore, you get an introduction to sailing and maneuvering a traditional clinker-built boat, how to work the oars and handling a square sail. Aboard the boat, you are a part of the crew and therefore you’re participating actively when rowing and setting the sail.

Sail into the sunset

The weather is crucial for how the sailing goes and where the evening trip goes. The length of the day also has an impact on the evening sailing: We leave the Viking Ship Museum's harbour about 3 1/2 hours before sunset so that we can be back in the harbour before dark. The departure times are therefore determined by the length of the day and - just like the appearance of the fjord and the atmosphere on the water - change with the season.

We plan to go ashore along the way, if the weather is favorable. Participants are welcome to bring their own food and coffee.

Look forward to the thrill of sailing with oars, square sails and the smell of wood tar in the air - and to enjoy the special atmosphere as day turns to night.

Purchasing of a picnic basket in July
During July you can also purchase a picnic basket from Café Knarr, which serves traditional Nordic Viking food with quality ingredients. The picnic basket can be purchased up to one week before departure. 

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Dates for evening sailing 2024 

• Thursday 6 June from 18.10-21.40
• Thursday 20 June from 18.20-21.50
• Thursday 4 July from 18.20-21.50
• Thusday 18 July from18.05-21.35
• Thursday 25 July from 17.55-21.25
• Thursday 15 August from 17.10-20.40

Where: Departure from the Museum harbour
Price for evening sailings in June: 555 DKK for adults and 400 DKK for children aged 4-17
Price for evening sailings in July and august: 585 DKK for adults and 400 DKK for children aged 4-17
Duration: approx. 3½ hours

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Please note:
Important: For safety reasons, all participants must be able to understand Danish or English.
• We reserve the right to cancel if we are unable to complete the sailing trip due to insufficient number of participants or weather conditions.
• Please bring warm clothes.
• Unfortunately, children under the age of 4 cannot participate in the sailings.
• Tickets are non-refundable unless the sailing trip is cancelled.
• Ticket fees are non-refundable.