De fem vikingeskibe er udstillet i Vikingeskibshallen

Guided tour in English

The five impressive Viking ships, excavated at Skuldelev in Roskilde Fjord, are the focal point of the guided tour in the Viking Ship hall where we tell the story about the importance of ships in the Viking society.

Audio Guide

Turn on the good stories about the five Viking ships that are on display in the Viking Ship Hall.

A dramatised audio adventure takes children and adults back to the days when Viking ships sailed the seas.

Help Astrid to solve the MuseumMystery

The MuseumMystery is a digital game that takes you around the Viking ships and through the story of the Vikings' wild journeys.

Bring a smartphone, download the game for free via the 'Useeum' app - and find the thief!

Stig ombord

Climb aboard

A 3D story about traveling across the open sea.

Climb aboard the merchant ship and the warship, and 'sail along' as the walls come alive and sound and light from above complete the experience.

New Nordic Viking food

Café Knarr on the Museum Island is open daily.

Enjoy delicious food and the maritime atmosphere on the Museum Island overlooking the shipyard and the Viking Ship Museum's many beautiful wooden ships.

Museum Shop

Open every day and can be visited without buying an entrance ticket.

See the large range of jewellery, textiles, books and utility items in Nordic design and with inspiration from the Viking Age.

Activities all year round at the Viking Ship Museum

There is always plenty of exciting historical good experiences and fun activities for the whole family at the Viking Ship Museum, both indoor and outdoor - at land and at sea...

Feel the breath of history

The Viking Ship Museum is the only place in the world, where you can go directly from the experience of the original 1000 year old Viking ships in the Viking Ship Hall and out to the Museum Harbor, where reconstructions of full-size Viking ships are moored.

Explore the reconstructions and the other Nordic boats in the harbor, feel the smell of salt water and tar. Touch ropes and oars as you move from bow to stern in the 30-meter-long Sea Stallion - the world's largest reconstructed Viking ship. You can do it calmly - or jump from seat to seat like another viking ...

Historical guided tours

The Viking Ship Museum is built around the five original Viking ships from Skuldelev, which are exhibited in the Viking Ship Hall.

The five impressive Viking ships are the focus point of the story of the ships' importance to Viking society. It tells of war, raids, trade and travel - and life in the north 1000 years ago. Our skilled guides bring the original ships to life and put the discovery of the five Skuldelev ships into perspective in relation to the maritime culture of the Viking Age.

It is also the story of how the museum use experimental archeology by reconstructing Viking ships at the shipyard, and then sail the recontructions to learn more about the specialized travelling by sea in the Viking Age.

Family tours and activities during school holidays

Take the whole family on an imaginative tour at child's height, where everyone is involved in exciting stories about the mythology of the Vikings, their long journeys and life at sea 1,000 years ago.

Depending on the season and current themes, our skilled communicators vividly tell the old legends and share their knowledge about the Nordic gods. 'Viking Talks' are held on various topics and everyone can go along in a 'battle' in the lightning-fast longships. The special family tours are organized so that everyone in the family can join.

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The Boatyard is the heart of the Museum Island

In the middle of the Museum Island is the boatyard. Here, boat builders reconstruct Viking ships and build other traditional wooden boats. The smell of fresh wood tar fills the air and the sound of the boatbuilder's axe against the tree echoes rhythmically across the shipyard.

Craft dissemination

During the year, the focus is alternately on the many different maritime crafts linked to boat building in the Viking Age. Depending on when you visit the museum, you can go through warrior training, meet the blacksmith, 'lay' rope or carve wood together with the museum's skilled craftsmen and mediators.

Sailing reconstructions of Viking ships

In the summer, you can board the reconstructions and the other Nordic boats that are docked in the museum harbour. Most of them have been built at the Viking Ship Museum's shipyard over the past 40 years. Smell the salt water and tar. Touch ropes and oars as you move from bow to stern in the 30-metre-long Sea Stallion - the world's largest reconstructed Viking ship. You can do it quietly - or balance from tuft to tuft like another Viking...

In the winter, you can walk all the way around the ships on land and touch the clinker-built boats. See the fantastic craftsmanship carried out by the Viking Ship Museum's boat builders, who uphold the unique Nordic clinker boat tradition, which is included in Unesco's list of the world's intangible cultural heritage.

Sailing on the Roskilde Fjord

Everyday during the summer from 01 May to 30 September you can experience what it was like to be a Viking on board one of the traditional Nordic boats, which are the direct descendents of Viking ships. Everyone on board takes part in rowing, setting the sail and other ‘sailor’s work’.

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Café Knarr at the Museum Island

Enjoy the atmosphere on Museumsøen and eat New Nordic Viking food in the Café Knarr, which is located with a view of the shipyard and the Viking Ship Museum's many beautiful Viking ships and historic wooden boats.

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Sail out on Roskilde Fjord - daily summer sailings

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13:00: Guided tour in the Viking Ship Hall

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14:30: Guided outdoor tour in English - The recreated Viking ships (27 May - 23 June)

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'Build a boat' workshop

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11:00: Viking Talks at The Beach Meadow

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