Summer at the boatyard

Summer is in the air at the museum island. With the arrival of summer and sunshine, boat builders are moving their work outdoors at the boatyard.

The boatyard is located in the middle of the museum island. Here, during the summer months, the boat builders build reconstructions of Viking ships and other traditional wooden boats. The smell of fresh wood tar fills the air and the sound of the boat builder's axe against the oak tree rhythmically echoes across the yard.

The boat builders are working on reconstructing a real Viking ship, Skuldelev 5, which is on display in the Viking Ship Hall, and every day you can meet a craftsman who will explain and demonstrate the special techniques the Vikings used when building their impressive ships. The work of building Skuldelev 5 can be experienced throughout the summer, when the boat builders are working outdoors.

In the Shipyard Hall you can experience the exhibition about the boatbuilders' tools. The tools used by the museum's boat builders are faithful copies of archaeological finds of Viking tools.On display are many different shaped axes and other chopping tools that produce specific cuts.

Each tool has a unique function and in the Shipyard Hall you can study them up close. Maybe you can even recognize the ancestors of the tools you have at home?
Boatbuilders rely heavily on their tools, so visitors don't get the chance to carve with them themselves. However, you can see which tools the boat builders use for their current construction projects - and you're welcome to ask why that particular tool is in use.

We've also set up a special experience area where creative children and adults can test their boat-building skills in the 'Build-a-Boat Workshop', located on the shipyard site, so you can be inspired by real boat builders as you design and build your own boat.