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Here you can find stories about the boatbuilders' new building projects at the boatyard, the marine archaeologists' excavations and research results as well as information on current exhibitions and activities.

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1998: Skuldelev 1-seminaret

Fra den 23. til den 26. september 1998 afholdt Vikingeskibsmuseet et seminar med henblik på at afklare de metoder…

1991: The 6th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology: Crossroads in Ancient Shipbuilding

The Sixth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA 6) was held in Roskilde, Denmark, from…

1989: Nordic Seminar on Maritime Aspects of Archaeology

Here follows an abstract of the introduction published in the proceedings of the seminar:

1984: Sailing into the past – first international seminar on Replicas of Ancient and Medieval Vessels

In April 1984 the city of Roskilde in Denmark hosted the first international research seminar on the problems of…

Climb Aboard - a new exhibition in the Viking Ship Hall

The exhibition takes you to the open sea where the weather changes from calm breeze to storms, thunder and high…

[Translate to english:] 'Viking-Age War Fleets' af museumsinspektør Ph.d. Morten Ravn udkommer 24. oktober 2016

Viking-Age War Fleets - A new book by the Viking Ship Museum

Fourth volume of the series Maritime Culture of the North deals with the building and use of ships for warfare in…

Photo series: Skjoldungen in Greenland

See the pictures from Skjoldungens summer voyage- They're going to Greenland and you're invited!

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Maritime archaeologist, Matko Cvrljak, working on the excavation of the medieval ship from Kalverev. Before the archaeologists could begin to get an idea of the extent of the wreck, they first had to remove 1.4m of sand and silt. Photo: Nilas H. Møller

The Viking Ship Museum recovers a medieval ship in Storstrømmen

The rare find will provide the archaeologists with new knowledge concerning the development of the Nordic ship,…

The Viking Ship Hall has been removed from the list of protected buildings and the five Viking ships can now be secured for the future

Due to expected rising water levels in Roskilde Fjord in the coming future, Denmark's Minister for Culture Mette…

The Friends of the Viking Ship Museum have donated 250,000 DKK, setting the course towards the world’s longest Viking ship.

The Friends of the Viking Ship Museum have donated a quarter of a million kroner to finance the first steps towards…