Press release - Reprint of "Viking Navigation" by Søren Thirslund

About the author:

Søren Ib Thirslund was born in Næstved in 1919. He sailed on Danish merchant ships from 1935 until 1968, only interrupted by his studies to qualify as a mate, master and wireless operator. From 1944 on, he worked as a mate. In 1945 he joined the shipping company D/S Dannebrog, for which he served as a master from 1953 to 1968. From 1968 to 1971 he was marine superintendent in D/S Dannebrog, thereafter consultant for International Paints of Denmark A/S.

In 1981 Søren Thirslund retired and became attached to the Danish Maritime Museum at Kronborg Castle, Elsinore as voluntary expert in navigation.

He wrote three volumes of navigation history, "Træk af navigationens historie", as well as several books on Viking Age navigation in Danish, English, German and Swedish. The present book is based upon the volumes "Vikingernes kompas", "The Viking Compass" and "Vikingetidens navigationsmetoder". He also published a number of articles and a video tape on the history of navigation.

Søren Thirslund: Viking Navigation, The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde 2007. Price 24,03 Euro (incl. VAT).