The heroes of 'Cable One'

Four crew members were evacuated from the Sea Stallion to the following ship 'Cable One' during the sail acorss Skagerrak. One crew member with an injured knee and three cold and seasick.

Louise Henriksen, crew member in the mid ship on the Sea Stallion hurt her knee when bailing water over the rail. While bailing a wave hit the ship making her loose balance and twist her knee. 

The accident happend late monday morning. At ten in the evening Susanne Malmstroem, nurse in board, decided to prevent further damage by bringing Louise to the following ship 'Cable One' from Struer, Denmark.

The crew on the following ship place a rubber dinghy into the hard wind and unsteady sea in the middle of Skagerrak and made it to the portside of the Sea Stallion in lee of the south eastern wind.

"When arriving at 'Cable One' I was received by the crew members in a front room. My waterproofs was dried in the engine room and I got a hot shower. I was offered coffee, the and sandwiches in the mess  and later a sleeping quilt and a  movie. But I would much rather go to the bridge and see the Sea Stallion ".

It looked intense

Louise got a bit of a scare on the bridge when seeing the Sea Stallion on Skagerrak. It looked intense, much worse than it felt on board. When the rought seas came from behind, the ship lifted up and the rutter wasn't in the water. I was worried and didn't go to sleep untill three at night, when I knew that the Sea Stallion was in lee of the archipelago."

Louise was impressed by the help she received one 'Cable One'.

"When I arrived five crew members offered their help and asked if I needed anything".

Louise slept untill seven and woke up to a great breakfast with eggs and freshly baked bread.

"After breakfast we went outside on deck to fish. I caught a cod and afterwards the cook had made the and cake".

"I was really annoyed to be hurt and didn't want to leave the Sea Stallion, but I was imopressed by their help and care on 'Cable One'. They are amazing".

"You are fucking cool"

Today all four crew members were back on the ship and ready to sail and that gives respect amongst the rest of the crew. Especially because the most important things is to continue sailing with a full crew.

But the crew on board 'Cable One' were also impressed.

"Lars, skipper on board 'Cable One', sat in his chair and said; 'You are fucking cool'. I sensed a pride amongst the crew and a excitement to be following this test journey. The crew on board 'Cable One' wasn't worried about the ship during the night sail. But the asked to the crew well being and how people were feeling on board".

It wasn't possible to see from a distance, but most crew members were still smiling even though sailing conditions were though with pouring rain, hard wind and wave several metres. And Louise? She is ready for new challenges and experinces with the Sea Stallion. The knee has been taped and everything is ok.