The Sea Stallion ready to cross the North Sea

After 10 days of waiting at the southernmost point of Norway the worlds largest Viking ship reconstruction The Sea Stallion from Glendalough Saturday arrived at Egersund at the Norwegian west coast.

From Egersund to the Orkney Islands the distance is 300 nautical miles.

The weather forecasts are good. Sunday evening the weather forecast predicts easterly wind turning north west the days to come. Sunday evening the ship and its 65 men crew will set the course for the Orkney Islands on the historic expedition from The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde in Denmark to the capital of Ireland, Dublin. A scientific expedition not carried out for 900 years since the Vikings ruled these waters.

The wind will be hard and increasing as The Sea Stallion head for the northern part of Scotland – going from 10 metres per second to 15 metres per second. With the wind predicted in the weather forecast it will last approximately 60 hours for The Sea Stallion to cross the North Sea.

As the ship arrive at the northern part of Scotland it has made just about half of its way from Roskilde to Dublin. If the wind is easterly The Sea Stallion will continue its expedition after a short stop at Kirkwall and set out for the most dangerous part; the challenging waters north and west of Scotland said to be the most dangerous waters in Europe.

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For all six weeks the ships webpage will bring you latest news, position, speed, course and weather data both in danish and English.

By: Henrik Kastoft