BBC-Timewatch shows: The Viking Voyage

BBC was following the Sea Stallion all the way when it completed its first part of the trial voyage. Now the documentary about the sailing is broadcasted in primetime on BBC 2.

For seven weeks a producer and a camera man from BBC Timewatch History was part of the crew on the Sea Stallion’s accompanying vessel to follow the archaeological experiment, the sail and the experiences that crew had during the voyage.  

The movie captures all seven weeks of the voyage and zooms in on the international crew, the human experiment and the emotions awakened. It also creates an insight into how the Vikings achieved their great seaman skills.

See interviews with the Sea Stallion Skipper and the crew members, the tow across the North See and the visit on Orkney, the sail and hospitality of the beautiful but rough areas along the Scottish West coast, Stormy Monday and the arrival in Dublin, where 100.000 people showed up to welcome the ship..

The Viking Voyage is broadcasted on BBC TWO tomorrow the 5th of January at 7.55pm English time

By: Louise Henriksen