The Sea Stallion is well…….. But needs more money

It is costing almost 15, 5 million kr to send the Sea Stallion and its sixty five crew members from Roskilde to Dublin. Half the budget is obtained. 

But is the glass half empty or almost filled? 

That question is definitely on the minds of the book keepers at the Viking Ship Museum. Five months before the largest reconstruction of a Viking ship is sailing from Roskilde to Dublin, a journey that will take seven weeks, half the budget has been 

The Viking Ship Museum expects that it will cost 15.489.000 kr to complete the biggest project in maritime archaeology ever.

At the moment the museum has 8.000.000 kr. This means there’s still 7.500.000 dkr to go.

The glass is almost filled!

Museum Director Tinna Damgård-Sørensen does not doubt - she sees the glass as almost filled:

"My stomach turns ones in a while when I realize that we still need 7, 5 in our budget. That is a lot of money for a museum like ours. But I’m not loosing any sleep a night – I’m sure it’s just a matter of time, before more givers will notice the project," says Tinna Damgård-Sørensen.

It’s only just a month ago the Carsten Brebøl-foundation showed up at the Viking Ship Museum with a 2 mi. kr check.

Expensive equipment.

"Fist of all, this project is one of a kind. A journey that hasn’t taken in the last 1000 years since the Viking Age is beginning this summer. Furthermore the project include research ranking amongst the best in the world and there is a long and proud tradition in Denmark for companies and foundation to support that kind of project." says the museum Director.

It is the test sail in itself that is the biggest expense on the budget. And one item stands out:

"The Sea Stallion is sailing north of Scotland and down through the Irish Sea – some of the toughest waters in the world, so for the safety of the sixty five crew members we need a following ship. There is intense tide, strong currents and unpredictable climate and so far inquires tells us, that a following ship will cost up to 2, 5 mio. kr, if we want it to follow us on the entire journey." says Tinna Damgård-Sørensen.