First newsletter from the Sea Staillion from Glendalough

During the summer 2007 the largest Viking ship reconstruction in the world will sail from Denmark to Ireland.

The ship is named The Sea Stallion from Glendalough. Manned with 65 crew members the Sea Stallion will venture all the way from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, cross The North Sea, north of Scotland and pass The Irish Sea to Dublin. An adventure dared by no one since Viking Age.

Being the hugest marine archaeological experiment ever it will set new standards to scientific investigation and public presentation.

The venture starts July 2nd 2007. And you can become part of it. Join our digital news letter and visit our web site.

Welcome aboard

Today sees the launch of our new electronic newsletter for everyone who wishes to follow Havhingsten of Glendalough and her fantastic voyage.

In exactly eight months’ time the world’s largest ever reconstruction Viking ship will sail from Roskilde to Dublin. Such a voyage no one has dared make for a thousand years.

On Monday the 2nd July 2007 the 30metre long warship Havhingsten fra Glendalough and her 65 strong crew will cast off on her way.

The seven week voyage to Ireland will be the culmination of the greatest marine-archaeological experiment ever carried out.

From dream to reality

The museum has worked on this project for ten years.

We have named the project ”Stallion of the Sea”. Initially, the project was the stuff of dreams. Now, we are nearing its spectacular conclusion. Ten years of preparation have made our dream a reality.

For the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum, the voyage will be a unique scientific experiment – one which will answer thousands of questions long considered by historians, archaeologists and boatbuilders.

For the crew, wanderlust and adventure are the driving forces. These are what the people of today have in common with the Vikings of old.

A goodly tale


Together, the Viking Ship Museum, the ship and her crew will put the town of Roskilde back on the map for the first time since …the Vikings.

We have known all along that we have a good tale to tell. But getting such overwhelming and quite global interest did take us somewhat by surprise. When Havhingsten was launched in 2004, 52 million television viewers watched from all over the world. And when we sailed to Norway on the trial voyage there were 5000 visitors following the ships’ progress on our website daily. Even Australian radio followed the voyage.

In followance of such colossal interest, the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum is putting yet more emphasis on communication and information.

As a first step the museum is hereby launching the newsletter. It is to be broadcast fortnightly to sponsors, co-operative partners, the media, crew members and their relatives.

But it is my hope and belief that the newsletter will also capture the wider public’s interest. Danish Radio’s program ’Far and Wide’ (Viden Om) has twice broadcast programs about Havhingsten of Glendalough, with the editorial staff telling us subsequently that they have never had never had such a response from listeners.

I believe that this colossal interest springs from a deep respect for the serious and scientific side of the project, combined with a fascination for the imminent adventure in the voyage to Dublin. This cocktail is abroad, far over our national boundaries, such that even television stations in the USA are interested in our doings.

To cater for our international crew members, sponsors, co-operative partners, the media, and of course the public all over the world, the newsletter will be broadcast in English, just as soon as each issue is translated…

Our four-week test voyage to Norway in the summer of 2006 has given me full assurance that we have an extremely seaworthy ship, and a crew capable of mastering it. We are ready to follow in the wake of the Vikings.

We can report ’cleared for action’ and the voyage can begin. And you too can be with us via our newsletters.

Enjoy your reading!

With friendly greetings,
Tinna Damgård-Sørensen
Director of the Roskilde Vikingship Museum, Denmark