Gislinge Boat Project – an open source project

The sound of axes, hammer strokes, and the cleaving of great trunks echoes across the boat yard - The Gislinge Boat Project is in full swing!

The Gislinge Boat Project

Every year, our skilled craft specialists share their knowledge and create a dialogue with visitors by demonstrating the materials and practices related to their work.

With the Gislinge Boat Project, the Museum aims to expand this dialogue by actively involving the public in these practices. Visitors are invited to ‘take part’ in the construction of the Gislinge boat – a 7m long boat from the 12th century – by cleaving planks, producing nails, rope and more, all essential elements of the finished boat.

An open source project

The experience can also continue after your visit as the Museum adopts an open source approach to the project.
On the Gislinge Boat Project website, plans and working drawings are available for download, so others can try their hand at building their own Gislinge boat. Follow the construction at the boatyard step-by-step through regular text, photo and film updates and become a part of the virtual Gislinge Boat Project community.
Furthermore, your can follow the project om Facebook and Instagram, as well as in real live in the boatyard!

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