Family picnic basket

Unique experience - Enjoy a picnic in the open air

When you visit the Viking Ship Museum, you can buy a picnic basket at Café Knarr with food for the whole family or you may choose to-go sandwiches.

The food is delicious 'New Nordic Viking Food' and there is of course a delicious children's menu too.

A fun day at the Museum can offer many activities for the whole family. And when the family has toured the entire Museum, seen the five Skuldelev ships in the Viking Ship Hall, seen the boatbuilders at work in the boatyard and competed in Viking games, it's time to recharge your batteries.

Please order your picnic basket in advance and arrange a pick-up time at Café Knarr. The basket is available throughout the Museum's opening hours, so it can be enjoyed as lunch or as an early evening meal in the open air.

It is also possible to both eat or order food to-go from Café Knarr without visiting the Viking Ship Museum, as no admission is required to visit Café Knarr or the Museum Shop for that matter.

There is a beautiful view of the fjord and plenty of space for fun and games on the grass in front of the Museum, or you can go for the modern maritime atmosphere on the benches in the marina when enjoying your meal.

Content and price:

Picnic basket adult: 189 DKK

Smoked halibut
Meatballs *G, L, N
Nordic hummus
Cabbage salad with vinaigrette
Nordic cheese *L
Berries compote
Rye bread and sourdough bread *G, L, N, K
Butter *L
Cake of the day *G,L,K
Spring water

Vegetarian alternative: Salad with hummus
Vegan alternative: Salad with hummus (without viniagrette due to honey)

* (G) gluten, (L) lactose, (N) traces of nuts in the flour, (K) grains 

Picnic basket child: 100 DKK

Meatballs with remoulade, bread and butter *G, L, N
or Sandwich with ham and cheese *G, L, N
Cake of the day *G, L, N
Spring water

* (G) gluten, (L) lactose, (N) traces of nuts in the flour, (K) grains 


Coffee +27 DKK
Soft drink/Juice +25 DKK
Bottled/canned beer (33cl) +40 DKK