Photos from the first days of sailing

Yes it was a rough sail. And according to reactions on shore, the crew on board the Sea Stallion experienced the worst sail ever during the thirty-five hours from Roskilde to Kristiansand. But it wasn't that bad.

On the fourth day of sailing the computers are finally plugged in and are able to send photos and stories from the fantastic sail through Kattegat and across Skagerrak home to the website.

Skipper Carsten Hvid: "It was the best start I could imagine!" It was tough, wet and cold, but it's under conditions like these we really get the opportunity to test the ship and the crew. We have trained for two years and have always had brilliant weather. Now we finally get the chance to test the routines and procedures on board. And they are working".

The so-called evacuation of the four crew members was a test of tecnic and communication between the Sea Stallion and the following ship 'Cable One'. And everything was working as planned. Even in high seas and darkness 'Cable One' could place a rubber dinghy into the unsteady water and pick up crew from the Sea Stallion without any drama. 'Cable One'  has several qualities important for the Sea Stallion. The crew feel safe when they can see the following ship lying close by.

Right now the Sea Stallion is in Sprangereid just north of Lindesnes - the southern parts of Norway. The crew met the Danish queen Magrete and the Norwegian royal family in town to open an reconstructed canal from the Viking Age.

We have placed a selection of photos from the sail to Norway. From these photos youy should be able to see how life on board is.

By: Preben Rather Sørensen