The new crew members have arrived

Less than twenty-four hours after the Sea Stallion arrived at Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye new crew members were there, ready to take over and participate on the second half of the test sail from Roskilde to Dublin. 

Twenty crew members are going home half way, twenty-six days after leaving Roskilde and new crew members has come to Scotland to take their place. Forthy crew members are sailing all the way to Dublin.

When the ship is sailing, sixty crew members with very different skills as seamen are on board. But they have all been part of various test sails and safety drills. Many have been part of the poroject since its beginning in 2004.


Three demands to be forfilled

The last three years of sailing hasn’t just been a test of the ship, but also each crew member, to see if he or she had the ability to be part of the crew already selected for the  Sea Stallion.

Seaman ship, physically and mentally stamina and social abilities are some of the demands that a crew members needs to forfill. Gender isn’t an issue when selecting the crew. The same is expected of both men and women on board and almost a third of the crew members are women. Throughout the yeas the sails have showed that having women on board isn’t causing any problems, even though it is unlikely that women were on board the warships a thousand years ago.

A great team

With a southern wind today and tomorrow the Sea Stallion anywhere the next couple of days.Therefore the crew will use the time to socialize with new crew members coming on board and say a prober goodbye to  crew members leaving.

And the spirits are high in Kyleakin – new members are happy that they are finally going out sailing, even though some was sad to find the ship at Isle of Skye, leaving just 300 nautical miles to go before Dublin.

By: Henrik Kastoft