Viking Talks on 'Iron in the Viking Age'

In the Viking Age, iron was produced in Denmark from bog ore, which can still be found in bogs and wetlands.
Published 29th Jul 2020

On Monday the 10th and Saturday the 15th of August, we will focus on the processing and use of iron in the Viking Age.

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Viking Talks: Use of iron in the Viking Age

Iron was a prerequisite for the Viking Age. Without iron, there were neither tools, weapons nor the thousands of nails that held the Viking ships together. But how did the Vikings get their iron, and how did they process it?

Get closer to one of the most exciting technologies of the Viking Age and learn more about the processing of iron from glowing ace to sharp edges.

Viking Talks during the summer holidays

Use of iron in the Viking Age
Monday 10th and Saturday 15th of August 2020
12.00 in English  
14.00 in Danish

Duration: 50 minutes
Meeting point: At ticket sales

Price: Free when you buy an entrance ticket

Due to Covid-19 there are restrictions on the number of participants for each talk. First come, first served.