Go exploring!

Published 16th Oct 2021

Take an adventure trip around the museum's area, where you solve exciting tasks and at the same time learn more about the Viking Age and the Vikings' voyages.

Date: to (all day)

Until October 24th you and your family can embark on journey talking you around the Viking Ship Museum at your own pace. The explorative journey consist of different stops with funny challenging tasks. Most stops are located outside so you can enjoy the smell of salt water, tar and the sound of the boat builder's axe while you solve the tasks.

You will get to use a solar compass, read the wind, and find the difference between warships and merchant ships. As you travel around the museum, you will learn how the Vikings used nature to navigate their ships, what kind of clothes they wore and their use of runes.

The exploration is based on a booklet that can be purchased for 25 DKK in the museum shop. When the journey is completed and the tasks are solved, children can hand in their booklet at the museum shop in the Viking Ship Hall or at the ticket office on the Museum Island, where they will receive a prize for a successful journey.

Last day: October 24th 2021

It takes approx. 45-60 minutes to complete the journey, depending on how long you spend on the museum's other offers along the way.

The journey is based on a booklet that can be purchased for 25 DKK in the museum shop.

Unfortunately, the exploration cannot be completed if you are in a wheelchair, as some of the stops are located on uneven ground.