Sea Stallion sails again!

In July, Sea Stallion will sail out into the Danish summer on a three-week anniversary sailing.Foto Werner Karrasch
In July, Sea Stallion will sail out into the Danish summer on a three-week anniversary sailing.
Published 30th Jan 2012

The Viking Ship Museum is busy planning celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the excavation of the five Skuldulev ships. These celebrations will include Sea Stallion going out sailing during the summer.

The excavations at Skuldulev in the summer of 1962 provided unique insights into Viking Age shipbuilding and craftwork. The Viking Ship Museum will mark the 50-year anniversary with a special exhibition based on 50 years spent researching and communicating Viking Age ships, sea-faring and boatbuilding culture.  

Since 1962, over 6 million visitors have experienced these impressive ships, which reveal the fascinating story of the Vikings’ wars and voyages, trade and journeys to distant lands, and life in the North 1,000 years ago. The Viking ships reveal that Roskilde was one of the most important towns in the kingdom at the time that Denmark was being created. Working with the Skuldelev ships has provided new knowledge about the Vikings and has also made Denmark one of the world’s leaders in the field of maritime archaeology 

Anniversary sailing with Sea Stallion

As part of the anniversary activities, Sea Stallion will sail out into the Danish summer. On board will be a crew of 60 volunteers and a world of stories about Viking ships. In the harbours the ship calls to, the public will get the chance to visit the ‘open ship’ and see exhibitions about the dramatic voyage to and from Dublin in Ireland, that Sea Stallion undertook in 2007–08.

The sailing starts from Roskilde 8th July and from here, continues north and out of Roskilde Fjord, around Sjællands Odde and then south, visiting many Danish harbours en route. Sea Stallion will return to Roskilde on 28th July. 

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The Viking Ship Museum is busy planning the sailing. Last week, the crew list was finalised and the next phase will involve working out the sailing route for Sea Stallion. Many things dictate which harbours the ship can call to; weather is of course one major factor any many harbours simply don’t have the room and facilities necessary to receive the world’s largest Viking ship with 60 men and women, tents and equipment. 

As the departure date draws near, the Museum’s website will provide more information on the plans for activities that will take place, when Sea Stallion sails again.