Workshop in Viking Boatbuilding

How did the Vikings build their boats? That question is at the heart of the Viking Ship Museum’s work, and in 2017 you have a chance to get slightly closer to an answer. The Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard will be hosting weekend workshops in Viking Age boatbuilding.

At the boat yard, we are currently working on a reconstruction of the Viking ship Skuldelev 3, and the workshops will focus on the central techniques and materials necessary to complete such a build. We will discover:        

  • how an oak log can be split and hewn into boat planks
  • how to heat and twist a plank to create the hull shape
  • how wooden nails are made and used
  • how to use, sharpen, and care for a reconstructed Viking Age axe properly
  • and much, much more..!

To find out what a Viking Age boat is like on the water we will of course have to take to the fjord in one of the Museums square-rigged boats, and there experience some of the characteristics that made these boats so superior a thousand years ago.             

Come Sunday afternoon and the end of the workshop you will have gained a unique understanding of this traditional craft, which has been so very important to Scandinavian history in particular and to European history as a hole.

Workshop in Viking Boatbuilding 2017

Where: The course will be held at the Viking Ship Museums boatyard   
When: Saturday the 10. - Sunday the 11. of June and Saturday the 23. - Sunday the 24. of September.
Timeframe: Saturday from 10.00-17.00 and Sunday from 9.00-16.00

 The cost is 2120 DDK which includes materials and tools, a guided tour of the historical museum, lunch, snacks and coffee as well as the entrance fee.

You can register via the Museum's booking office: <link mail internal link in current>booking(at)  or by telephone 46 300 253. At the booking, please give us information about your name, adress, phone number and if possible your email address. 

Previous boatbuilding experience is not necessary. The Viking Ship Museum reserves the right to cancel in the event of insifficient numbers. 

It is possible to book overnight accommodation at Roskilde Hostel, which lies 100m from the Viking Ship Museum.
» <link http: hostel danhostel-roskilde external-link-new-window internal link in current>Go to Roskilde Hostel's webpage here...