The Hamlet 
A window into the Viking world

Bring your children or grandchildren to The Hamlet located in the lower level of the Viking Ship Hall.

Here, we encourage playing, trying, and touching everything.

In the Hamlet you can play with toys from the Viking Age, cook by the fireplace, pack the merchant's chest, or try jumping on a plank that has been split with an axe and feel the flexibility of the wood.

Get closer to the people from the Viking Age

The Hamlet is a children's universe where the story of the people who stayed behind when the ships sailed to distant shores in the Viking Age is unfolded.

Here, you can get close to everyday life at a Viking Age home and explore the questions: What did the families do? What did they look like? Who came to the Village?

In the room, there are windows where children can see the Viking world unfold in the area around the Village, by the water's edge, and out on the fjord.

Here they see adults engaged in daily chores while the children play. A boatbuilder is splitting wood, and a travelling merchant arrives with a fully packed donkey.

A room dedicated to children

The room is tailored for the youngest museum visitors. Here, families with children and school pupils can dive into the Viking Age on their own terms.

You can find the Children's Village in the lower level of the Viking Ship Hall, just around the corner from the thousand-year-old Viking ships.

We look forward to your visit.

The Children's Village - A Window to the World of the Vikings

Open every day during the museum's opening hours.
The Education Service of the Viking Ship Museum has first priority for use of the room.

Thank you:

The Hamlet is supported by:
The association Friends of the Viking Ship Museum

Design and production: The Hamlet is developed in a collaboration between Kurtzweil and the Viking Ship Museum. A large part of The Hamlet is created and produced from recycled materials.

User involvement: Children at Margretheskolen in Roskilde and Væksthuset Tingbjerg in Brønshøj-Husum have given with their perspectives on the children’s universe.  
Production of robe: FGU Roskilde

Print: Riff Skilte Aps