The recreated Viking Ship

Find out more about how we recreate the Viking ships with the tools and techniques of the Vikings. Join a tour around the Viking Ship Museum's shipyard and harbor area on the Museum Island.

At the shipyard, we build reconstructions of the original Viking ships that are on display in the Viking Ship Hall. By building and sailing the recreated Viking ships, we get an insight into the knowledge of the past connected to the Vikings' sailing: choice of materials, construction techniques and organization of the work, time consumption, navigation and sailing skills.

During the tour, the you will hear the experiences the museum has gained through 40 years of Viking shipbuilding, and the guide will also tell you about the importance of ships in the Viking Age and how we use the reconstructed ships today.

The Viking ships enabled the Scandinavian people to leave a profound mark on our common European history, and even today, one thousand years later, the clinker-build boats of the north have deep roots in this ancient tradition and heritage.  

Guided tours of the boatyard

May 1 - October 18:
 English guided tour of the boatyard (50 min.)
14.30: English guided tour of the boatyard (50 min.)

Meeting place: In front of the boatyard. 

The tours are free when an entrance ticket has been purchased.

Family ticket for 2 adults and children under 18: 300 DKK
Adults: 160 DKK
Season ticket: 180 DKK
Children 0-17 years: Always free entry