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Good morning-menu - 49 DKK
Black coffee and bread roll with cheese

Crisp cabbage salad - 109 DKK
With pickled red onions, mustard vinaigrette, sunflower seeds and homebaked bread

Choose between:
Smoked salmon
Nordic hummus (vegetarian)

Sandwich - 109 DKK
On homebaked sourdough bread with mayo, cabbage salad and pickled red onions

Choose between:
Smoked halibut
Beef sausage and cheese
Chicken meatball
Nordic hummus (vegetarian)

The Viking plank - 179 DKK
With smoked halibut, chicken meatball, pulled turkey, beef sausage, cabbage salad,
Nordic cheese with berry compote and homebaked bread with butter

Breaded filet of fish - 125 DKK
With cabbage salad, remoulade and homebaked bread

Pulled Turkey Burger - 135 DKK
Brioche bun, cabbage, pickled red onions, mayo and mustard dressing

Ramson sausages - 109 DKK
With cabbage salad, remoulade and homebaked bread

Children’s menu - 69 DKK

Choose between:

Breaded filet of fish with rye bread, butter and remoulade
Chicken meatball, bread, butter and remoulade
Sausages with sourdough bread, butter and remoulade
Sandwich (see the options under Sandwiches)

Cake of the day - 45 DKK
Ask the staff or see the board above the bar.