Café Knarr's menu

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Good morning-menu - 49 DKK
Black coffee and bread roll with cheese

Crisp cabbage salad - 109 DKK
With pickled red onions, mustard vinaigrette, sunflower seeds and homebaked bread

Choose between:
Smoked salmon
Nordic hummus (vegetarian)

Sandwich - 109 DKK
On homebaked sourdough bread with mayo, cabbage salad and pickled red onions

Choose between:
Smoked halibut
Ham and cheese
Meatball (pork and veal)
Nordic hummus (vegetarian)

The Viking plank - 179 DKK
With smoked halibut, nordic hummus, meatball (pork and veal), ham, cabbage salad,
Nordic cheese with berry compote and homebaked bread with butter

Leek pie - 89 DKK
With smoked halibut

Viking stew - 129 DKK
Made with lamb, bacon, seasonal vegetables and cream, served on pearl barley

Soup - 79 DKK
(Vegetarian) made with seasonal vegetables and served with homebaked sourdough bread

Ramson sausages - 109 DKK
With cabbage salad, remoulade and homebaked bread

Children’s menu - 69 DKK

Choose between:

Meatballs (pork and veal) with ryebread, butter and remoulade
Sausages with sourdough bread, butter and remoulade
Sandwich (see the options under Sandwiches)

Cake of the day - 45 DKK
Ask the staff or see the board above the bar.