Visits for business groups

Take your colleagues on a trip away from the office

The Viking Ship Museum offers sailing-trips, guided tours, hands-on activities, team-building and meeting facilities for business groups.

Do you need some fresh air and new exciting experiences together? At the Viking Ship Museum, you’ll get to know each other in a completely new and different way when your teamwork is tested outside of the usual settings. 

The Viking Ship Museum offers social events for summer tours, teambuilding and unusual meeting rooms, that can help re-energise your work. 

On sailing trips with the beautiful Nordic boats, each participant has an important role to play: everyone pulls an oar, sets the course and several of you will work together to raise the large sail. All sailing trips are led by the Viking Ship Museum’s professional instructors – but it’s up to you as the crew to make the trip a success. 

Learn about innovation, collaboration and delegation of tasks in the Viking Age, both at sea and via our various guided tours, which include the 5 original Viking ships and the working boatyard, where the boatbuilders reconstruct Viking Age ships using replicas of contemporary tools. 

In collaboration with Sagens Natur, we also offer team-building and team-bonding both at sea and on land. 

Our Café Knarr can provide food and drink inspired by the Viking Age.

The Viking Ship Museum is the only place in the world where you can experience seeing 1000-year-old Viking ships, and then go directly out to the Museum harbour, where the full-scale reconstructed Viking ships lie moored at the quayside.

Viking ships were originally used for war, trading, fishing and transport during short every day trips or on longer voyages to foreign shores.

Today we inteve our guests to take part in unique sailing trips with either Viking ships or traditional Nordic boats, which are the descendents of the Vikings’ ships. 

» Read more about sailing trips for groups here.

The Viking Ship Museum offers guided tours in Danish, English, German and Russian. The tours take place within the Museum’s opening hours and are conducted by the Museum’s guides, who are either archaeology or history students. 

Max: 30 people per guide. It’s possible to book several guides at the same time for larger groups.

We also arrange specialist tours and lectures on selected topics.

» <link internal-link internal link in current>Read more about our guided tours of the Viking ship museum here ... 

Our professional instructor offers tailor-made teambuilding courses where you are divided into teams of appropriate size and perform some fun and exciting exercises.

Contact the Booking Office for more information.

The Viking Ship Museum arranges special courses and talkss with our skilled crafts specialists or lectures with selected topics about Viking ships and seafaring with our curators.  

It is also possible to arrange talks about the longship 'The Sea Stallion from Glendalough' and the dramatic voyage from Roskilde to Dublin and back again. The talk is also suitable for for association evenings, employee events, etc.

Contact the Booking Office for more information

Do you want to hold meetings in an inspiring environment, we offer meeting rooms on the Museum Island with room for up to 60 people and in the Viking Ship Hall accommodating up to 120 people.

Meeting rooms can be booked from 08:00 to 23:00 every week of the week.

Café Knarr is happy to serve meals and serves food prepared according to the principles of the 'New Nordic Viking Food'. 

We use the raw materials which were known by the Vikings, so there is neither potatoes, tomatoes or cucumbers, but flatbread, angelica, sea buckthorn and pearl barley. The food connects maritime history and Viking commodities and invite museum visitors to experience the five original Viking ships in new ways. At the same time the food tells the story of the world the Vikings met on their travels to distant places and the food cultures they met there.

Café Knarr offers a picnic basket for companies, with delicious 'New Nordic Viking Food'. With a picnic basket from Café Knarr, you can enjoy a wonderful lunch in a cosy and beautiful setting, namely on the Viking Ship Museum grounds.

On the grass in front of the museum, there is plenty of space, and a nice view over Roskilde Fjord.

The food from the picnic basket and the surroundings bring to mind how the Vikings ate, sailed and lived. While sitting on the grounds, you can also enjoy the sight of the many impressive reconstructions of Viking ships built at the boatyard.

Content and price:

Picnic basket adult: 179 DKK
Meat balls
Beef sausage with Nordic hummus
Cabbage salad with vinaigrette
2 kinds of cheese with jam/compote
Rye bread, sourdough bread and butter
Fruit and cake of the day
Spring water

What our company customers say:

“Beautiful and exciting museum with lots to see and do, beautiful location, you should give yourself good time for your visit”

- Customer, TripAdvisor

 “I’ve arranged for clients to experience life as a Viking in Roskilde, one of the oldest towns in Denmark. They got a private tour of the Viking Ship Museum then boarded a replica Viking ship for a private sail on the Bay of Roskilde where they were able to assist the crew and feel how hard it was to sail in that era.” 

– Jody Bear, Bear & Bear Travel, a Tzell affiliate