Viking Camp on Strandengen

Open during the Danish school holidays: 29 June - 31 August

The outdoor area at Strandengen is an active experience area for the whole family, where young and old can play their way into the Viking Age and do family teamwork on the grass next to the longship ‘Sea Stallion’.

Families can compete against each other in Viking games such as throwing Thor's hammer, jousting or mooring toss and find the family's most skilful and cunning Viking.

Go Viking training

If you're brave enough, you can venture into the specially designed ‘battle arena’ where children and adults can train and compete against each other with role-play weapons. It is known that the Vikings practised their fighting techniques so that their skills were finely tuned when they went on a raid.

The beach meadow will also be the starting point for this summer's family guided tours and there will be crafts, pop-up displays and ‘Viking Talks’ on Viking topics.

Climb aboard

A highlight for many visitors to the Viking Ship Museum is to board the large longship, the Sea Stallion from Glendalough, located at the low jetty at Strandengengen.

The Sea Stallion became world famous when the ship sailed from Roskilde to Dublin with a crew of 65. On board the Sea Stallion, visitors to the museum can hear about the impressive voyage and stories about what it was like to be at sea in the Viking Age.

New tent on the beach meadow 

As something new this year, we have set up a new large tent where, throughout the summer, there will be different kinds of activities for the whole family, both children and adults. Museum guests will hear about different topics such as ‘Women in the Viking Age’, ‘Power’ or about textile processing, which involves guests in spinning and combing freshly sheared wool themselves. The interpretation in the tent changes from day to day, and the theme depends on which presenter you meet.

Meet the boatbuilders

Children and adults can experience the ancient crafts being brought to life at the boatyard, where the boat builders work with Viking Age tools and techniques. 

Sailing trips

Join one of the daily sailings from 01 May - 30 September and experience what it was like to be a Viking on board one of the Viking Ship Museum's traditional Nordic boats.

'Build a boat' workshop

The popular public workshop 'Build a boat', gives creative children and adults the opportunity to test their boat building skills.

Sea Stallion

The Sea Stallion became world famous when the ship sailed from Roskilde to Dublin with a crew of 65 guests.

Other activities at the museum

In addition to activities at Strandengen, there are also other exciting activities around the museum.

Sail out with the Nordic wooden boats on the fjord
Every day you can climb aboard the traditional Nordic wooden boats and learn about the art of sailing with oars and sails. The museum also offers evening sails, day courses and group sails. 

Join the museum's daily guided tours
On the tours you can dive into the history of the famous Skuldelev ships or follow the process as the skilled boat builders create reconstructions of Viking ships.

Visit the boatyard and build your own mini boat on Muesum lake
Here children can build their own mini Viking ships while the museum's boat builders work on the reconstruction of the Skuldelev 5 ship right next door.

Explore the Marine Archaeologists' Workshop on Museum Island
Learn all about the work of archaeologists exploring the hidden treasures on the Danish seabed. Gain insight into everything from diving surveys to advanced 3D scanners.