Viking Camp on Strandengen

The outdoor area at 'Strandengen' - the beach meadow - offers an array of activities for the whole family - play your way back to the Viking Age and embark on family teamwork on the grass next to the longship 'The Sea Stallion'.

Families can compete against each other in Viking games, such as tug-of-war, bone toss, mooring toss and 'go to Iceland for herring' and find the family's smartest and most cunning Viking.

Viking training

If you are brave enough, you can venture into the specially designed 'battle arena', where children and adults can train and compete against each other with role-playing weapons. It is known that the Vikings trained their fighting techniques so that their skills were fine-tuned when they had to go on a raid.

Climb aboard

A highlight is boarding the large longship, the Sea Stallion from Glendalough, which lies at the low jetty at 'Strandengen'.

The Sea Stallion became world famous when the ship sailed from Roskilde to Dublin with a crew of 65 guests. On board the Sea Stallion, the museum's guests can hear both about the impressive sailing and stories about what it was like to be at sea in the Viking Age.

Special Autumn activities

Tales from Norse Mythology

During the Autumn Holiday 14. - 22. October, you can make yourself comfortable in the large, cozy storytelling tent and listen to exciting stories about the ships of the Nordic gods.

We know the Nordic gods from the compelling stories from mythology, bit in fact, there are also stories about the magical ships of the gods. Do you know the story of Frej's ship 'Skibladner', which always had the wind at its back and could be folded up so that it could fit in the palm of your hand? Or the ship Nagelfar that was built by Hel, the ruler of the underworld?

Guided Family Tour

During the autumn holidays, you can go on a family tour and help solve the Viking Ship Museum's 'Mission Valhalla' - Tyr's lost courage!

The Norse god, Tyr, has lost his courage and needs help finding it again. Take the whole family along on the exciting mission, where you must solve a series of tasks, that require both cleverness, courage and cooperation.

The tasks that you have to solve, will give you new knowledge about the life of the Vikings, their ships and the fantastic stories from Norse mythology. 

Activities at 'Strandengen' - the beach meadow: 

September 1 - 17:
- Board the Sea Stallion
- Pop-up communication
- Viking games and training matches

Autumn Holiday October 14 -22: 
- Board the Sea Stallion
- Pop-up communication
- Viking games and training matches
- Tales from Norse Mythology
- Guided Family Tours

The activities are free when an entrance ticket has been purchased.

Family ticket for 2 adults and children under 18: 300 DKK
Adults: 160 DKK
Season ticket: 180 DKK
Children 0-17 years: Always free entry