History with all the senses

Feel, smell, look! The boatyard is located at the scenic museum island. Here, the museum builds reconstructions of Viking ships and other traditional wooden boats. The smell of fresh wood tar fills the air and the sound of the builder's ax against the oak echoes rhythmically across the boatyard.

Visitors to the museum can experience the ancient craftsmanship and meet the craftsperson who tells and shows how we recreate the Viking ships with the materials and techniques of the past. Depending on when you visit the museum, you can meet the Viking warrior, the boatbuilder, the black smith, the rope maker or the smelter.

We have also arranged a special experience-area with activities and exhibitions that tell about boat building and other maritime crafts.

Outdoor guided tours

On the tour 'The recreated ships' you will find the story of how our reconstructed Viking ships provide new knowledge about the Viking's boatbuilding and shipping.
The tour takes place outdoors and is based on the museum's reconstructions of the original Viking ships on display in the Viking Ship Hall. From June 27th - August 31st you can go on English guided tours every day at 11.00. 

Viking Talks

During the summer the Viking Ship Museum offers different Viking Talks each week. The theme changes each week but no matter the theme, you will learn about the Vikings and their everyday lives. The talks take 50 minutes and you will met up with the guide at the ticket sale on the Museum Island. 

Embark on Viking ships

Long, slim warships and heavy, broad merchant ships lie shoulder to shoulder in the museum harbor. From June 27th - August 31st you can board the world's longest reconstruction of a Viking ship, the 'Sea Stallion from Glendalough'. Throughout the day there will be a Museum guide in the area around the ship to tell you about the Sea Stallion's voyages and the long ships of the Viking Age. Get answers to questions like "Where do you go to the toilet onboard a Viking ship?" and "How fast can it sail?". 

The 30-meter warship has room for 60 fighters at the oars and it is a very special experience to stand in the impressive vessel.

Play as in the Viking Age

You can challenge each other and play like the Vikings! Throw on strategic games like 'Throw Thor's Hammer' or 'Mooring Throw' or test your muscle power by 'going to Iceland after herring'.

In the Viking Age, the games were part of the warrior training, where strength was not enough to become a good warrior: speed, fine motor skills and strategy were equally important attributes.

Venture out!

Embark on an exploration with your family around the museum area - solve exciting puzzles and learn more about the Viking Age at your own pace. Use a solar compass, read the wind, find the difference between warships and merchant ships and learn about the Vikings' clothing, their ships, navigation and runes. The exploration is based on a booklet that can be purchased for 25 DKK in the museum shop. 

Boat trips on the fjord

It is an unique experience to set out on Roskilde Fjord with one of our skilled sailing instructors. We use on of the very same energy sources as the Vikings used to move forward - oars and the muscle power of the crew. During the trip, the sailing instructor will tell you about about rowing and sailing in the Viking Age and about the use of the traditional open boat. We offer boat trips 2 times daily until August 31st. Check the timeslots here.

Learn more about the activities below. 

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