Exhibitions before 2005

Vikings on stamps 2004
- in collaboration with Poul Larsen, The Maritime Stamp club of Scandinavia and in the occasion of Post Danmark's relsease of a stamp series about the Viking Ship Museum.

Symbiose 2003 - 2004
- in collaboration with the Irish artist Ian Stauert, the Danish photographer Kirsten Klein and Irish writter and nobelprize winner Sheamus Heaney.

The Vikings in Ireland 2002 - 2004
- produced in co-operation with the National Museum of Ireland, the Irish embassy to Denmark and The Royal Danish embassy in Dublin.
Surported by År 2000 Foundation.

The reconstructed ship 2002 - 2004
- supported by the Tuborg Foundation

Jukung Boats from Barito Bassin, Borneo 2000
- In collaboration with city planner Erik Petersen. Publication supported by Velux Foundation

The Viking wool sail 1999
- in relation to the international research- and dissemination project on naval textiles, supported by the EU programmer Raphael.

Bronze Age Boats 1998
- produced in collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark. Loans from the National Museum - prehistory, Archäeologisches Landesmuseum für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schloss Wiligrad, Museum of Lolland-Falster, Moesgård Museum and Museum of South Himmerland.

Snekke harours of the Viking Age 1996
- in collaboration with Institute for name research, Copenhagen University.

Tomoko - a warrior canoe from the Solomon Islands 1993
- in collaboration with the National Museum of Solomon Islands and Danchurchaid. Supported by Unidanmark-Foundation, Danchurchaid and the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Vikings in North America 1992
- loans from Canadian Museum of civilisation, Parks Canada, the National Museum of Denmark and the Arnamagnean manuscript collection. Supported by the Tuborg Foundation, J.L. Foundation, Hafina Foundation and Air Canada.

Kayaks 1991
- in collaboration with the city of Nanortalik, friendships city to Roskilde. Supported by the city of Roskilde, Greenland home rule, The Greenland Foundation of 1959 and the Greenland Foundation of the Danish Folketing.

Reedboats 1990
- Supported by Privatbanken, Danida, Amtsmuseumsrådet, J. L. Foundation, Danchurchaid and Elkem.