Valhalla at the Viking Ship Museum November 2013

In 2013, Peter Madsen's world famous comic strip, Valhalla moved into the Viking Ship Hall. With the exhibition Valhalla at the Viking Ship Museum, the museum opened its doors to Odin, Thor and Loke and showed how the old Nordic gods found new life on paper.

The mythical tales from the Viking Age appeal to a large and varied audience. For many Danes, the comic strip Valhalla was their first introduction to the heroes and villains from Asgård, Midgård and Udgård. The exhibition focused the work involved in producing the comic, from the first sketches to the colourful original prints. Peter Madsen's comtemporary interpretation of the gods was presented in tandem with ancient tales and figurines of gods from the Viking Age. The museum created an interplay between historical and archaeological knowledge and the more modern and popular interpretation, while also allowing the audience to develop their own interpretations and images.

The comic series is a medium full of creativity and imagination. It represents a different way of communicating history and provided a colourful, playful and humorous foil to the original Viking Ships.

The exhibition could be seen from 3. November - 1. December and included lectures, workshops, film and signing of comics.