Skuldelev 1 - The ocean-going trader

Skuldelev 1 is large ocean-going cargo ship from Sognefjord in western Norway.
The ship is built of heavy pine planks, and has a rounded form that gives it a high loading capacity and great seaworthiness on the North Atlantic. It is repeatedly repaired with oak near the Oslo Fjord and eastern Denmark.

The ocean-going trader could have sailed all over the North Sea and the Baltic as well as in the North Atlantic. The ship and its cargo may have been owned by a chieftain or cooperatively by a group of merchants sailing it on traditing expeditions to the European markets. The ship had decks fore and aft as well as an open hold amidships.

» The Viking Ship Museum's reconstruction of Skuldelev 1, Ottar, is on display in the Museum Harbour...

Facts about Skuldelev 1

Dating: ca 1030
Place of construction: Western Norway
Preserved: 60 %
Material: pine, oak and lime
Length: 15.84 metres
Breadth: 4.8 metres
Draught: 1 metre
Displacement: 20 tons
No. of oars: 2-4
Crew: 6-8 men
Sail area: 90 m2
Average speed: 5-7 knots
Top speed: ca 13 knots