'Build a boat' workshop

[Translate to english:] Byg din egen båd i værkstedet på værftspladsen på Vikingeskibsmuseet.
[Translate to english:] Byg din egen båd i værkstedet på værftspladsen.
Published 25th Jun 2022

The popular public workshop 'Build a boat', gives creative children and adults the opportunity to test their boat building skills.

Date: to (all day)

The 'Build a boat' workshop is located on the shipyard site, so you can be inspired by the real boat builders, while you design and build your own boat.

There is also a water basin - a 'test tank' - so you can test your boat design and perhaps return to the construction process to refine the design. The workshop invites you to play and experiment at the same time as you learn about ship construction and boat building.

There is room for as many as 15 families in the workshop, where there are planing benches and enough tools for everyone. The boats are built from wood scraps, cardboard paper, string, etc., and in the workshop there are tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration how to build a boat, so that everyone - from approx. 8 years and up - can easily get started designing and building a seaworthy vessel.     

When: Every day during the summer from the 1st of June.

Food & beverage: The Viking Ship Museum's Café Knarr is open daily.

Where: The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Vindeboder 12, DK-4000 Roskilde