The project's documents

On this page you will find a series of documents which describe the scope of the project "Thoroughbred of the Sea".

Project Plan

  • Projektbeskrivelse UK dec2007 rev-june2008.pdf

    The document describes in detail the phases and challenges in the project and gives the background for the work of the Viking Ship Museum on Skuldelev 2 and for the Sea Stallion's voyage from Roskilde, north of Scotland, and down to Dublin in 2007, and the return journey from Dublin, south of England, and home to Roskilde in 2008.

Research Plan

Dissemination plan

  • Fuldblodpåhavet Formidlingsplan plan nov2006 UK.indd

    The main challenge in this phase of the project is to develop a method for publishing information on the ship at sea, and on the various investigation and research processes carried out on the way – far from land and spectators – and for an international audience.