5. November 2016 - 30. March 2017

During 25 years as photographer at the Viking Ship Museum, Werner Karrasch has documented shipbuilding in minute detail, risky voyages in high seas, tar burning in extreme temperatures and finds from underwater excavations.

Photographically, Werner Karrasch doesn't have a free rein. His assigment are determined by professional interest and needs, and the images are a photo documentary experience, influenced by his detailed knowledge of his subjects. Werner Karrasch has developed a distinctive imagery, which expresses the Museum's profile and contribute visually to our cultural heritage. He captures the moment in a universe of impressions, atmosphere and activity - and portrays lights, sounds, smells and leben in a still photograph. The photographs do not always reveal complete stories. The viewer is offered a variety of cues that let dreas take flight and invite the audience to form their own interpretations. Sometimes, the act of documentation becomes magical and gains a poetic dimension.

The exhibition provides a retrospective on both the Museum's history and Werner Karraschs work as a photographer, through series of selected themes:
You can see dramatic shots, such as those of the Frederikssund dinghy Marcus Noer, with waves foaming around the stem and crew, craftsmen with impressive skills and never before shown images from the reconstructed longship Sea Stallion from Glendalough's voyage to Dublin and back - the Museum's biggest experimental archaeology project to date. We also zoom in on materials and details that make it possible to discover the beauty of wood, the bast from linden tree, drops of water on tarred oars and the interplay of light and shadows in the sail.

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