New Nordic Viking Food

With New Nordic Viking Food the museum invites museum visitors to experience the five original Viking ships, displayed in the Viking Ship Hall, through food experiences that link maritime history, meals and the commodities used during the Viking Age.

The Vikings were explorers, who, based on the strenght of their maritime culture had access to a variety of commodities and brought many new tastes back to the North.
But no potatoes, tomatoes or chocolate finds it way to the kitchen at Café Knarr.

New Nordic Viking Food was founded on the basis of four dogmas:

  • Commodities from the Viking Age are used, including the ingredients that the Vikings brought back from other countries.
  • The food is a new interpretation with contemporary flavours, presentation and cooking methods.
  • It is natural to use seasonal ingredients.
  • The meal brings to life the story of the five Viking ships in the Viking Ship Hall.

Living outreach

New Nordic Viking Food has been created as an extension of the museum’s tradition of involving a variety of cultural expressions, and it combines traditional museum outreach with living outreach, for example, the possibility to sail on the fjord.

New Nordic Viking Food will, in line with the museum’s research tradition, bring the past to the present. The Viking Ship Museum would like to create a new, unique museum experiences so that its visitors will have a total experience where dining is an integral part of the presentation of the five Viking ships.

New Nordic Viking Food was developed by the Viking Ship Museum in collaboration with Restaurant Snekken, the Zone for Food Culture and F.O.O.D. The development is supported financially by the project A Bite of History / Zone for Food Culture, Region Zealand and F.O.O.D.