A museum for all

Feel the presence of history when you stand before the five original Viking ships that bear witness to war, trade and sea voyages to distant places.
The Viking Ship Museum focuses on the Vikings' maritime craftsmanship and their impressive ships. 
Follow the work in the Boatyard, visit our large boat collection in the Museum Harbour and try your hand at Viking crafts. 

Exciting exhibitions - Films about the Viking ships and Sea Stallion fron Glendalough - Go on board Viking ships - Activities for children - Boatyard - Museum Harbour - Museum Shop with Scandinavian design - Eat New Nordic Viking Food.

19. - 25 August: Boatbuilding days

- (all day)

The Viking Ship Museum continuos the special summer themes with boatbuilding days August 19th - 25th.

Visit the…

Daily summer sailing trips on Roskilde Fjord

- (all day)

Experience what it was like to be a Viking on board one of the Viking Ship Museum’s traditional Nordic boats, which…

Full-day cours 'Learn to sail a Viking ship'

The dates for the full-day courses of 2019 has now been set, and you can start booking the sailing experience of a…

Cnut the Great's raid - King for a day

Durring the Autumn Holiday, 13- 21. October, we focus on Cnut the Great - the greatest Viking king- and invites you…

Falconer and birds of prey

18th – 20th October the falconer visits the Viking Ship Museum

Viking for a day – Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

Fun activities for the whole family Saturday 14th – Sunday 22nd October

7 - 13 August: Use of the boats

Go on board the Viking Ship Museum's Viking ships and participate in activities on board the warship, cargo ship…

King for a day – Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

Become 'King for a day' – join warrior training, Dress up as a Viking and write with runes.

15. - 21. august: Try your hand at boatbuilding

In week 33 you can have a taste of boatbuilding life and work with axes, drills and many other exciting tools from…

31 July - 6 August: Try your hand at boat building

The Viking Ship Museum’s boatbuilders are busy building a new replica of a Viking ship at the Boatyard.

If you…