Autumn activities for the whole family from 10th – 18th October 2020

The theme of the autumn holidays in 2020 at the Viking Ship Museum is Viking life. What did the Vikings do when autumn came and the ships were hauled ashore for the winter?

In the Viking Age, autumn was the time for harvesting, the warriors came home from expeditions, the boats had to be maintained and one had to prepare for the coming of winter. The days got shorter and the dark time approached. In the evening, people gathered around the fire, where stories about gods and heroes were told.


The autumn holiday activities at the Viking Ship Museum take place at the boatyard and around the Viking tents in the area by our 30 meter long recreated Viking warship, The Sea Stallion. Guests can experience a cozy bonfire atmosphere. There is an opportunity to immerse yourself in several aspects of life as it was 1000 years ago. If you want to hear stories from Norse mythology, you can sit down and hear what happened when Thor tried to catch the Midgard Serpent from a small fishing boat.

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The various activities and experiences revolve around everything that had to be done when the summer season was over in the Viking Age. You can bake flatbread that is well suited for a day at sea or in the field. It will also be possible to train the skills a Viking would need when spring came: throwing with mooring ropes, fighting with swords, or practicing his runic writing. Guests can be allowed to chop firewood for the bonfires. We put sanitizer at the chopping block, which is close to the tents and the mediators.

The sea stallion is moored in the museum harbor and is open to guests who can move around on the large warship.

Meet a boat builder

At the museum's boatyard, our skilled boat builders are in the process of recreating Skuldelev 3 - a Danish cargo ship from the end of the Viking Age. Guests can talk to the boat builders and hear about their work on the reconstruction. The ship is getting the last planks on before it is covered for the winter, and the final shape emerges more and more clearly.

Viking Diploma - free of charge

During the autumn holidays, children can achieve a Viking Diploma by trying different activities. A number of challenges have to be solved:

  • Throw mooring rope
  • Bake viking biscuits
  • Write your name with runes
  • Fighting with swords and shields
  • Mint coin

All skills that were important if you were going to sea either as a merchant or warrior. In the end, you have become a real Viking. The ticket sales and the shop hand out the diplomas.