Christmas at the Viking Ship Museum

Is it time for a new Christmas tradition? The Viking Ship Museum is open with activities, stories and tours every day during the Christmas holidays - also on 24 December.

Yuletide at the museum

The ships have come ashore for the winter and the days have become shorter and colder. It's time to gather with friends and family to create memories that can last a lifetime.

For the first time, the Museum is open every day over Christmas

This year will be the first time that the Museum will be open to visitors every day of the Christmas holidays, to the delight of tourists, families and museum enthusiasts. There are even tourists who simply lack something to do on December 24, when almost everything is closed:

Christmas activities for both families and tourists

The Museum has put together a Christmas programme with activities for the whole family, stories about Viking Yule and tours of the world-famous Viking ships. The Museum Shop and Café Knarr will also be open every day.

Guided tours throughout Christmas

Every day you can join guided tours of the five Viking ships in the large Museum Hall. The ships provide a diverse insight into the world of the Vikings, where the ships were the basis for society's development. The Viking ships have revealed many unknown sides of the Vikings' maritime skills in shipbuilding and seafaring, and there is no doubt that without the ships, the would have been no Viking Age!

Daily guided tours in English at 11:00:

  • Guided tour in English about the Vikings' impressive ships every day at 11 a.m.

Guided tours in Danish:

  • Until 20 December, you can join the Danish tour of the famous ships every day at 1 p.m.
  • On selected Christmas days; 21, 22 December + 26 December to 1 January, the tour in Danish about the Viking ships has been moved to 14.00 to make room for the storytelling about the Vikings' Jól (in Danish).

» Check the calendar to see everything you can experience when you visit the museum...

Write Christmas greeting cards with runes

At Christmas time – or Jól – the Vikings visited family, just as we do today. They brought food and drink with them, so the party was a kind of fellowship feast and greetings were conveyed from family and acquaintances who could not travel. They toasted 'for years and peace'. This is how they wished each other good health, fertility and prosperity in the coming year.

In many ways, it is reminiscent of the Christmas and New Year wishes we send to each other today.
And since Christmas is also a time for mischief, you can write all your Christmas cards with runes if you visit the Viking Ship Museum in December.

We have made fine Christmas cards with the runic alphabet, which is the 'key' for both sender and receiver.

Mission Valhalla - can you help the god Týr to find his lost courage? (in Danish)

The God of War - Týr - is in serious trouble, and he needs the help of all the clever and curious children if his mission is to succeed.

You must use your senses, reason and dexterity to complete the mission. Find the code and use some modern 'phone magic'. Then you get the exciting story of how Týr lost his courage, and is now no longer the brave sailor he once was.

Then find your way through the mission's tasks and finally share your knowledge with Týr so that he again can be a brave sailor.

By using your modern phone magic again, you will find out if you managed to solve Mission Valhalla and helped Týr find his lost courage.

Mission Valhalla is based on DR's (DenmarksRadio-TV) concept, and just like on TV, it is the children who help the Nordic gods and solve Mission Valhalla.

Mission Valhalla at Christmas:

  • You can help Týr find his lost courage from December 17 and every day until January 1, 2023.

Storytelling about the Vikings' Jól - Yuletide (in Danish)

"Can you feel that it has become winter and cold outside? Sit down and listen to a really good story. The story of how the Vikings celebrated Christmas..."

The children sit on the deck of the large ship, while their curious parents stand gather around to hear the exciting stories about the Vikings Jól.

Somethings are completely different from our celebration of Christmas today, others the children can actually recognize in their own Christmas traditions. "Imagine... There is almost like a common thread from us, here today, back to people who lived 1000 years ago", says one of the children. The others nod.

The stories about the Vikings' Jól are exciting, and the children come home with new knowledge. And thinking about those who came before us - and those who will come after.

This is exactly what Christmas is all about.

Storytelling about the Vikings' Jól:

  • 21 and 22 December + 26 December up to and including 1 January at 1 p.m.

Christmas delicacies with flavours from the world of the Vikings in Café Knarr

The Viking Ship Museum's Café Knarr is open every day throughout Christmas, so there's no excuse not to take a brisk Christmas walk along Roskilde Fjord – and then reward yourself with some tasty treats from the café.

The café offers delicious, warm ‘æbleskiver’ – a type of round donut, which is a traditional Danish Christmas treat – with homemade berry compote and hot mulled wine, both with and without alcohol.

In the cosy café, you can also enjoy delicious lunch dishes while admiring the view of the Museum's Christmas tree and the many wooden boats that have come ashore for the winter.

The longship ‘Sea Stallion' is also ready for Christmas, and the is beautifully illuminated with the many Christmas lights that showcase the impressive long hull and its beautiful curved shape.

Shop exclusive Christmas gifts

You will find a large selection of jewellery, textiles and Scandinavian design in the Museum shop in the Viking Ship Hall.

We have a large selection of inspirational gifts for children, as well as lots of books and games.

Here, you can find the very special gift for the person you care about the most. Perhaps it will be the family's next heirloom, some Nordic design for the generations to come or just the right hand-forged knife for the craftsperson at home.

The goods in the store are inspired by the materials and forms of the Viking Age, and are carefully selected based on principles of good craftsmanship and natural materials.

Christmas at the Viking Ship Museum: 

Open every day: 10.00 - 16.00 

Entrance fee to The Viking Ship Museum: Adults: 125 DKK 
Family ticket (2 adults and children under the age of 18): 230 DKK Children under the age of 18 have free admittance. 

Where: The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Vindeboder 12, 4000 Roskilde.