Winter holiday activities

The ships of the Vikings are known all over the world. They allowed the Scandinavians to travel farther than ever before, and leave their mark on world history, whether they went on raids or on adventurous trade voyages.

There are many exciting experiences and activities for the whole family at the Viking Ship Museum during the winter holiday from 2025.

Digital immersion

Listen to the exciting stories about Viking ships and their voyages in the Museum’s audio guide. The guide is designed for the whole family. The stories can be heard on three different levels, which are aimed at different age groups and how much time you have planned for your visit to the Museum.

You can hear the stories via the Museum app ‘Useeum’ on your own smartphones. The app is available for free download.

You can also try your hand at the digital game, MuseumMystery, where you have to help stop a sneaky thief by solving riddles and discovering which artefact he is planning to steal from the Museum.

Exhibitions for all

In the interactive exhibition, ‘Climb Aboard’, you can hop on board two Viking ships and experience a sea voyage over the open ocean. The ships are equipped for both raiding and trading. Look in the ships’ chests to see what the Vikings brought with them on their long voyages.

In the Museum’s basement, you can see the special exhibitions. ‘In the wake of the Vikings’ tells the story of how the five Skuldelev ships have formed the Viking Ship Museum. How this unique find has been of critical importance for maritime archaeology in Denmark and been the driving force behind wide-ranging archaeological experiments with reconstruction and sailing.

Café Knarr

Café Knarr serves food prepared after the principles in ‘New Nordic Viking Food’. We use ingredients that were known to the Vikings so there are no potatoes, tomatoes or cucumber but plenty of flatbread, angelica, sea buckthorn and pearl barley.

If you’re feeling hungry, enjoy a break in the cosy and warm surroundings at the café.