If your bicycle was a Viking ship
- from 25th Mai to 31st August 2022

Racing bikes and longships at the Viking Ship Museum 

The exhibition If your bicycle was a Viking ship compares a top-tuned and feather-light racing bike with the zenith of Viking Age technology: the long and narrow warship, built for high speed. Searching for similarities between the two is not as crazy as it might initially seem.

More than 1,000 years ago, the Vikings put Scandinavia on the world map. The sea was their playground, their challenge and where they excelled, the result of many years of training, learning and hard-won experience. Just as the roads of today are for the professional cyclists in the Tour de France.

The exhibition pays tribute to one of the world’s largest sporting events by displaying two thoroughbred racing bikes and a specially designed racing helmet beside the Museum’s longships, Skuldelev 2 and Skuldelev 5. The comparison focuses on design compromises, aero and hydrodynamics, power transfer as well as wood and carbon fibers – in a story dressed in shades of yellow, green and red spots.

When: May 25th – August 31st 2022
Price: Free when purchasing a ticket to the museum. Children under the age of 18 are free.

The exhibition is created in collaboration with the Danish bicycle manufacturer PRONGHORN RACING Aps and Team Danmark, with support from Roskilde Municipality.

Guided tours

On the daily guided tours in the period around this year's Tour de France, our Museum guides pay tribute to one of the world’s largest sporting events by:

Telling dramatic stories of the French-English-Danish events that happened in Normandy and England during the 1060’s, where one great battle took place after the other, events which had a profound impact on the power structures in Europe. A story, which later became immortalised on the famous Bayeux Tapestry.

The tour will also focus on the design and constructional similarities between a top-tuned and feather-light aerodynamic road racing bike and the absolute highpoint of Viking Age technology; the long and narrow warship, built for speed. Stories of bold constructions and ultimate compromises between form and function.

When: In Danish at 13:00 and English at 15:00
Where: The Viking Ship Hall
Price: Free when purchasing an entrance ticket to the museum. Children under the age of 18 are free.

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We set yellow sails

The Viking Ship Museum's 'Build Boat' workshop has got the Tour de France fever. Come and learn from watching the boat builders and build your own boat with a nice yellow sail.

In the workshop we build boats created by the imagination - with scraps of wood, paper, string and more. You can play and experiment your way to a seaworthy vessel. During the building process, you can test your design in a pool of water to see if it can float and is balanced.

The 'Build Boat' workshop is located in the museum's shipyard and you can be inspired by real boat builders working with axes and planes on a large Viking ship reconstruction.

You are welcome to take your ship home, and otherwise it will adorn the museum's workshop with yellow colours when the many Tour de France cyclists camp at the museum this summer.

When: Every day during the summer holidays, as long as yellow sails are on stock.
Where: ’Build boat’ workshop at the shipyard.
Price: Free for kids under 18 years and adults with an entrance ticket for the museum.

The activity is recommended for children from about 8 years and up.

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