Café Knarr at the Museum Island

Enjoy the atmosphere on Museumsøen and eat New Nordic Viking food in the café, which is located with a view of the shipyard and the Viking Ship Museum's many beautiful Viking ships and historic wooden boats.

Go on board the Viking culinary world

Café Knarr serves food that is prepared according to the principles of the 'New Nordic Vikingfood'. We use the raw materials which were known by the Vikings, so there is neither potatoes, tomatoes or cucumbers, but flatbread, angelica, sea buckthorn and pearl barley.

The food connects maritime history and Viking commodities and invite museum visitors to experience the five original Viking ships in new ways. At the same time the food tells the story of the world the Vikings met on their travels to distant places and the food cultures they met there.

Taste our seasonal lunch plate, salads, sandwiches, homemade cakes, hot drinks, organic must, soda and beer.

We look forward to give you a good experience in Café Knarr - you are welcome in the Café both with and without an entrance ticket to the museum.

Celebrations at Café Knarr

Outside the Viking Ship Museum's regular opening hours, we organize private parties in Café Knarr.
We can also offer larger events in the Viking Ship Hall or in the meetingroom 'Lodsen' on the Museum Island.

Give us a call and learn more  about the opportunities to let Café Knarr host your next event in maritime surroundings at the Viking Ship Museum.

Viking Ship Museum's Booking:
Monday-Friday: 10-14
Phone +45 46 300 253

» E-mail: Booking(a)

Groupvisits in Café Knarr

Café Knarr offers lunch, coffee & cake and dinner for groups.
It is also possible to book rooms outside of normal opening hours.


The Viking Ship Museum's Event Team:
Monday-Friday: 10-15
Phone +45 46 300 253

» E-mail: Booking(a)

Picnic basket for families

There is something special and cozy about eating outdoor.

At the Viking Ship Museum you can buy a picnic basket with food for the whole family, and eat outdoors.

The food is delicious ‘New Nordic Viking food’ from Café Knarr, and of course there is also a delicious children's menu.

There is a beautiful view of the fjord, and plenty of space for play and fun on the grass where the food can be enjoyed.

A day at the museum can offers many activities for the whole family. There is a lot of history to dive into, even at child height.

When the family has been all the way around the museum, and both seen the boat builders carve in wood, seen the exhibition of the 5 Skuldelev ships, and played like Vikings, it's time to get new energy.

The picnic basket can be picked up at Café Knarr, and enjoyed both for lunch and or for an early dinner in the open air. If the family wants to enjoy the picnic basket in the open air without going to a museum, this is also an option.

The food and prices:

Picnic basket adult: 185 DKK
Oxe sausage with Nordic hummus
Cabbage salad with vinaigrette
2 kinds of cheese with jam / compote
Rye bread, sourdough bread and butter
Fruit and today's cake

Picnic basket children: 105 DKK
Meatball with remoulade and bread
or Sandwich with oxe sausage and cheese
Fruit, berries and the cake of the day

Coffee +20 DKK
Softdrink/juice +25 DKK
Beer (33cl) +30 DKK