Welcome to The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum exhibits the five 1000-year-old original ship finds from the Viking Age (the Skuldelev Ships) as well as a fleet of sailing reconstructions. Several of these reconstructions and other Nordic boats are also available to sail in. You can also meet the craftsmen who keep up the traditions of the old maritime trades, and you can try your hand with axes, ropes and many other activities.

The five original Viking Ships

The permanent exhibitions are focused on the five Skuldelev Ships. The goal of these exhibits is to tell the story of these ships and of the many Nordic maritime adventures during the Viking Age. The five original Viking ships stand majestically with the Roskilde Fjord as a living backdrop. With this view, it becomes easy to imagine how the merchant set off for distant shores with his goods, the warriors waved goodbye to their families before the voyage and the fisherman embarked on the fjord with the hope of returning with a good catch.

Start your visit by watching our introduction film ”Five Viking Ships from Skuldelev”. The film lasts 14 minutes and is available in multiple languages.

Opening hours and admission

The Viking Ship Museum is open daily.

Here you can find the opening hours and admission fees applicable on the day you visit.


The museum's exhibitions are modern historical narratives about the Vikings and their ships. Traditional forms of museum dissemination in text and images are combined with sound, light, digital installations, engaging activities and artistic expressions keeping the maritime culture alive for young and adults.


Many experiences await you at the museum. You can join guided tours, meet the craftsmen at the boatyard or take a boat trip on Roskilde Fjord in Nordic clinker-built wooden boats!

Food and drinks

At the Viking Ship Museum you can enjoy the active atmosphere on the Museum Island or the views of the Roskilde Fjord as you dine.

Museum shop in the Viking Ship Hall

In the Museum shop you will find a wide range of jewelry, textiles and crafts in Nordic design and with inspiration from the Viking Age. We emphasize good craftsmanship and natural materials.

You do not need a ticket for the Viking Ship Museum to shop in the Museum Shop.

School visits

Our school service offers many exciting educational activities focusing on the Viking Age, the Vikings, and their ships and expeditions. There are both outdoor and indoor activities, and all pupils are actively involved.

Group visits

The Viking Ship Museum is a perfect destination for groups. Let us form the basis for your shared experiences. We can arrange sailing trips, guided tours and craft activities for both large and small groups


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