Ships and boats in the Museum Harbour

Since the opnening of the Viking Ship Hall in 1969, the museum has built up a large collection of traditional Nodic boat types. The boat-building traditions of the Viking Age can be traced in the collection - from the reconstructed Viking ship to the fishing dinghy from Frederikssund built 1,000 years later.

The boat collection today includes more than 50 vessels; recostructed Viking ships, traditional Nordic boats from Norway, the Faroese, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, ice boats, a chich boat, a long boat from a french frigate and etnographic boats such as kayaks from Greenland and Borneo.

Many of these boats have been built at the museum boatyard and are actively used for sailing, where school children and guests experience a trip on Roskilde Fjord. The reconstructions are sailed on extended summer voyages by their associated boat guilds.