Here are examples of Danish, traditional small fishing boats and other utility boats

Frederikssund dinghy

L: 5.60 m

The dinghy is built of oak and has a small ring deck.

It is known for its beautiful lines, its thrift and for sailing extremely well.

Lynæs dinghy

L: 4.0 m

This lovely little dinghy is built of oak. It has a small sprit sail rig or lugsail rig and leeboard so that it beats to windward better.

The dinghy weighs 150kg so it is very easy to handle.

Pram dinghy from Fejø

L: 4.20 m.

A lighter is flat-bottomed, and a dinghy lighter also has a heart-shaped stern-frame. It can be rigged with a sprit sail as shown (and possibly a leeboard). It is very easy to row and an outboard motor can be quickly attached. The lighter is also easy to lift onto a trailer.

Dinghy with stern-frame

L: 4.4 m.

The dinghy is built in larch according to the measurements of an old dinghy.

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