Eel drifter

Boatbuilder Ture M. Møller led the construction of the eel-drifter. He was assisted by other boatbuilders: Hanus Jensen, Simon Day Larsen, Birger Andersen, Martin Dael and boatbuilding apprentice Erik Jochumsen. 

Here on this page you can follow each stage of the construction, and find more information about eel drifters. 

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History and background

Read about the history of the eel drifter and the reason why we built a smack at the museum’s boatyard.  

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The materials for the eel drifter are carefully selected.

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Keel, stem and sternpost

The keel, stem and stern post are fashioned and raised.

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The strakes on the eel drifter are produced from oak.

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The frames on the new eel drifter are produced from crooked oak

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Deck, rudder, forecastle and more

When the hull is complete and the frames have been fitted, construction is still only half-finished. The eel drifter also has to have a rudder, floor timbers, beams, deck, berths, chests, fittings and many other parts that must be made and fitted. 

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Painting, sail and rig

The eel drifter is painted with linseed oil paint, the mast and spars are made of spruce and the sail is made from Clipper Canvas.

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Launch and rigging up

The eel drifter was launched on the 1st July

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