Stern boat, 4.2m

- a boat to hang 'behind' a large sailing ship.

Boatbuilders Ole Engblom and Tom Nicolajsen build a stern boat.

We have been commissioned to build a dinghy for a ketch.

The moulds, and therefore also the final shape, are taken from an old dinghy, which was damaged in an accident.

The dinghy is built of larch with a frame of oak. The keel, stem and stern-frame are made of oak. 

There are also two strong floor timbers in the bottom of the dinghy; it is from here that the dinghy will be raised and hung from the rear of the ketch.

A so-called sculling notch (or stern rowlock) can be seen in the upper edge of the stern-frame. An oar can be placed here and a special technique used to propel the boat forwards.