Skuldelev 6

A reconstruction of Skuldelev 6 from the year 1030. The original boat is on display at the Viking Ship Museum.

The boat is built from pine wood, the frames are pine roots and the oarlocks are birch. There are 7 pairs of oars for the boat. The sail is about 25 m².

The large Gokstad boat

Reconstructed from a grave find from Norway, dated to the year 850 during the Viking Age.
L: 9.75 m, 3 or 5 pairs of oars.
Everything in the boat is made of oak.
It has cleaved, handmade planks, handmade nails, woollen sails, linden tree cordage etc. We believe that the Gokstad boat was originally a regatta boat. It sails extremely well and has very elegant lines!

The small Gokstad boat

Three small boats were found in the Gokstad ship. This is the smallest.

The boat has very elegant lines and is constructed according to the same principles as the large ships from the Viking Age.

We often build this boat for other museums when we work on exhibitions abroad.