Follow Ottar's summer voyage

On this page you can read the reportings Ottar's crew sends home to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. The ship departs from Roskilde June 29th and is expected back on August 11th depending on the weather.

The most recent logbook notes are at the top.

Ottar was built at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde in 2000 and this year's voyage was planned to go to Norway. The ship made it to s Marstrand from where they unfortunately returned before time. Photo: Annette Olesen

Ottar back in Roskilde

It was not the summer voyage that Ottar's crew had dreamed of. The dream was to reach Sognefjord in West Norway.…

The two photos show the distance between the sun's position and Ottar's rigging, respectively. at 14:30 and at 16:00. Photo: Klaus Kay

About steering OTTAR after the sun and stars

A sailor describes the World from his ship. Therefore, the sun moves and not the Earth.

That it is not so -…

Ottar is still in Marstrand

After a long voyage across the Kattegat, the crew rests - and sews sails!

Thunder, lightning and shrimp

After 23h on the water, we arrived last night to Gottskär's harbor in Kungsbacka Fjord.

We sailed from Rørvig into…

Heading for Kungsbackan

Ottar is heading for Kungsbackan. Rope2 has been torn but the sun is shining and the swells are rocking us in a…

Finally leaving Rørvig

We are leaving Rørvig in the evening light.. we are finally back on the water and we are sialing through the night.…

Trapped in Rørvig

After a nice sailing in the Isefjord we are now in Rørvig ... Unfortunately, it is too windy and the weather…

Ready at the bridge

Good morning from Frederikssund! We are ready by the bridge..

Of we go!

The moorings are thrown and we are of. A beautiful evening sun creates a lovely atmosphere for our first night at…