The eel drifter is painted with linseed oil paint from Wolf's Linseed Oil and Tar Factory. The freeboard is grey, the 'rangjord' is green and the toerail is white.

Internally, the toerail is painted with the same grey as the freeboard. The sides of the deckhouse are white and the roof is green. The deck is given a coating of linseed oil varnish.

We have chosen to make all of the spars from spruce from Tisvilde Hegn. This is because spruce is lighter than pine or larch, but still strong enough to bear a rig of that size. 

This spruce has grown straight and slow, and has been selected in the forest in almost the same dimensions as the finished part. Therefore, bark can still be seen in some places - this is a mark of quality.

The more slowly spruce grows, the stronger it will be. As a rule, spruce grows most quickly in the beginning and is slow-growing just beneath the bark. As spruce only consists of heartwood, it can be used all way the out to the bark.