Here you can read the latest diaries on the Sea Stallion's voyage to Roskilde.

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Extract from logbook 18 July 2008

Lowestoft harbour

9.00 Breakfast9.45 Skipper’s briefing:

We will remain in Lowestoft today and tomorrow. 16 crew…

Extract from logbook 17 July 2008

Ramsgate - Lowestoft10.35, log 559, wind west, 4 metres/sec.We set out from the quay at Ramsgate to leave the…

Full speed north

The Sea Stallion is on its way northwards along the east coast of England from Ramsgate to Lowestoft. Right now we…

Photo: Werner Karrasch

The Sea Stallion’s electronics

For safety, documentation and communication reasons, we have modern navigation and communication instruments on…

Sunbathing in Ramsgate

Summer has come to Ramsgate – and seems to be following the Sea Stallion at last. Right now the Aftership hands are…

Extract from logbook 16 July 2008

Ramsgate harbour

9.00 Breakfast

9.45 Skipper Vibeke Bischoff’s briefing:

Skipper Carsten Hvid has travelled home…

Photo: Werner Karrasch

A longship crew

How well the ship sails is not the only question; we are also interested in how the crew handles the Sea Stallion…

Ongoing repairs and maintenance on the Sea Stallion

Ongoing repairs and maintenance on the Sea Stallion