Follow the Sea Stallion on the summer voyage

On this page you can read the reportings ship's crew sent home to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

The ship sailed from Roskilde July Xth and is expected back on July Xth depending on the weather.

The most recent logbook notes are at the top.

Travel blogs from the Sea Stallion

Excerpts from the logbook

The Sea Stallion and its crew spend the night in Frederiksværk Harbour, before heading towards Frederikssund.

The wind wing and rowers are in place

After a few nights in Holbaek, the Sea Stallion are ready to head towards Frederikssund, where another festival…

Hamburgers and a starry night

The Sea Stallion arrived to Holbaek under a beautiful evening sun and full sail. In order to dock, the big ship had…

Lunch at anchor

Until now it has been a really nice day of sailing and it's time for the Sea Stallion sail to drop anchor for lunch…

Ready for take off!

A lot of people are ready to send the Sea Stallion on its way from Rørvig, and after a delicious breakfast in the…

The Sea Stallion is cruising again

Saturday afternoon the Sea Stallion left Roskilde. Ahead lies 3 weeks of cruising.

Anxiously waiting

The Sea Stallion is in the Museum Harbour and awaiting it's crew, ready to start the summer cruise 9th July at…

The first stop of the day

The Sea Stallion has arrived at Munkholmbroen. The ship went in for oars with a lot of people waiting to greet the…

The Sea Stallion has arrived in Kalundborg

Watch a video from the arrival by following the link below..

Passing under Storebæltsbroen

The Sea Stallion sailed under the beautifully illuminated bridge of Storbælt and into the night lit by the…