New Skuldelev 6

In 2012, the Viking Ship Museum built Skjoldungen, a reconstruction of Skuldelev 6. We had previously built a reconstruction of Skuldelev 6 (Kraka Fyr built in 1998), but this time we were trying to apply new knowledge and experience to the reconstruction.

On this page, you can see the process involved in the build. The boat is now a part of the Museum's School Service and lies in the Museum harbour, ready to sail out with schoolchildren and other Groups.

Project participants:

Construction Leader, boatbuilder:
Ture M Møller
Boatbuilders: Birger Andersen, Erik Jochumsen, Martin Rodevad Dael, Hanus Jensen
Boatbuilding apprentice: Malthe Solhøj
Weaver and seamstress: Anna Nørgaard
Rope makers: Carsten Hvid, Peter Jensen, Bjarni Sørensen
Sail maker: Jörn Bohlmann
Blacksmith: Aage Frederiksen
Ship and sail reconstruction: Søren Nielsen og Erik Andersen

The ship was launched on 20th October 2012, and was named Skjoldungen.

Viking Ship Museum photographer, Werner Karrasch, made this film of the launch: